Monday, September 28, 2009

Toddler Translations

"Tuh-skeena" = Christina
"Chicklet chop-it" = chocolate chip, as in "Are you having a chicklet chop-it cookie?"

And my favorite, in context...

Christina likes to play with my bottle of sunscreen lotion after I'm done putting it on my face in the morning.  When the bottle is getting low, often times it will have an air bubble that "explodes", sending a small bit of lotion flying out of the bottle.  Christina really enjoys this, and whenever it happens, she says "It's explodious!" (Sounds like ex-plo-dee-us.  I can only guess on the correct spelling of this made-up word!)  I corrected her once a while back, telling her that "It's explosive."  But I just love the way she says "explodious" so much, that I've decided to let it go on.  I'm sure she'll learn the correct word eventually, and for now, it's just SO CUTE!

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