Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Christmas Catalog: The Good, The Wierd, and the Utterly Disturbing!

My MIL introduced me years ago to the LTD Commodities catalog.  It's a HUGE catalog full of all sorts of things - household items, decorative items for whatever holiday is coming up, clothes, gadgets - just a lot of stuff.  I received their Christmas 2009 catalog in the mail yesterday, and spent the better part of the evening combing through it's 508 pages to get some Christmas gift ideas, and to see if there was anything in there that I just couldn't live without.  (In reality, I try to take myself off of most catalog mailing lists, because I will spend so much time picking out just what I want, only to decide I don't really want to spend the money and don't really need all the STUFF.  It ends up being a big waste of time.  But it is almost Christmas after all, so I justify it to myself by the fact that I'm not buying for ME - I'm just finding the perfect gift for all the people on my list!)

Anyway, at 508 pages long, there's bound to be some off-the-wall items, so I just thought I'd share some of my findings.  I'll start with the GOOD - the stuff I actually like and/or think is clever.
You can use this to make pancakes or waffles in the shape of Disney characters.  I don't think I'm quite creative enough to go through the trouble of doing this, but it's a really cute idea!
You just tie the fringes of each square together, and you can make a blanket, shawl, or scarf.  It's probably really thin, but it's a great project for a kid who's not old enough or interested enough to learn to use a sewing machine.
Find out what your pets are up to when you're not around!  You just hook this camera up to your pet's collar and set it to automatically take a picture every 1, 5, or 15 minutes.  When your pet gets home, you just plug the camera into your computer to see what they've been up to!
I am totally considering getting this blanket for Christina's bed.  It is SO cute!
As long as you don't have anything else on the front of your fridge, why not make it look like a snowman for the holidays?!
OK, now let's get on to some of the WIERD ideas.  These are the things that I know I would never buy myself, but I kind of see why other people might like them.
This kit comes with two sheets of camouflage fabric, 8 feet of rope, 6 giant clips, 6 suction cups, and 2 glow wands.  I'm sorry, but whatever happened to a sheet laid out over some chairs?
Can adults actually get away with wearing tie-dye anymore?
For those who go ALL OUT with their Christmas decorating!
The description reads "Plug it into any Windows-based PC or Mac to read the complete King James Verson of the Bible anywhere you go."  Because I can't carry my Bible with me everywhere, but I do always have a computer on hand!
Need I say more?

And now for the truly DISTURBING - please tell me none of you own any of these items!
For those of you who want to look like you're wearing ugly jeans, but without the discomfort of ACTUAL jeans.
If you're going to wear these "The Man, The Legend" boxers, you better be able to back it up!
I'd really rather not have any "treats" from Santa's pants!
The description reads "Drop in a coin and hear this bank fart in digital audio."  Yes, I need the digital audio because I want it to sound authentic.
And finally...
"Each player has to reach his hand into Ned's plush head and try to pull out whatever gross, plastic object is pictured on the card he's dealt."
"Game includes: icky tooth, giant ant, lab rat, DIRTY DIAPER, ear wax, old gym sock, bird poop with worm..."
This is proabably a young boy's idea of a fantastic game.  I'm so glad I have a daughter!

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Ashley said...

Kate, this is your best post ever! I was laughing out loud as I read it, I love all your little commentary about the gift ideas. Some of those really are crazy! Except the Santa pants snack baskets, I bought those last year. (Totally kidding, haha!)

I never knew you were such a funny writer! Well done! Don't be surprised if I direct people to view that post for some fun "gift ideas" as it gets closer to Christmas. :)