Thursday, October 1, 2009

Christina's second haircut

Sean decided he wanted to me to get the car's oil changed today, so while I had the car, I decided to take Christina to get her hair cut.

She got her hair cut once before, about six months ago, at a cute little salon called Kids Kuts in Everett.  My step-mother-in-law (that's a confusing term, huh?) went with us and took a bunch of pictures.  Here's a sampling from that visit:

This time we went to a place called Fun Kuts in Lynnwood, and I must say I like this salon more than the other one.  The inside was just as cute, and they also had a big play area at the entrance with a bunch of toys for kids to play with while they waited.  Christina really enjoyed playing with the trains and the kitchen set.  The haircut itself was a couple bucks cheaper, but it included a shampoo, whereas at Kids Kuts they just sprayed water on her hair before cutting it.
The stylist/owner at Fun Kuts spent a lot more time working on Christina's hair - granted, Christina has a bit more hair to work with now (though not much - her hair grows so slow!).  Christina got some long layers cut in her hair to show off the curls.
She also got a blow dry, and the stylist added some curl cream.
Then she french braided the front of her hair and put in a little ribbon.  She even sprayed it with some product and then put sparkles in!
Christina just loved it, and so did I.  And all of this for only $20.  Granted, some might say that $20 is way too much to spend on a kids haircut, but Christina had a great time, and it was really an EXPERIENCE more than just a haircut.  So for me, it was totally worth it.

And of course, Christina wanted to check out the other "chairs."



Ashley said...

Her hair still looked so cute today! That really does look like such a fun place, I'm going to have to take Kirsten there when she gets a little older!

The Momma said...

Those are precious pictures! That girl is just the cutest thing ever!!