Saturday, September 5, 2009


Christina's and my only outing today was a trip to McDonald's this evening. Sean is with his friends in Seattle enjoying the Penny Arcade Expo for the weekend (He just comes home to sleep, and two of his friends are staying with us. Then they take off early in the morning.). I was in a lazy mood today, so Christina and I mostly took turns watching our shows on TV (very productive, huh?). But I decided I wanted to try to get out of the house and do SOMETHING, and all I could really think of was to grab a bite to eat.

So we got our food at McD's and started to eat, then I remembered that we needed to pray. I asked Christina if she wanted me to pray or if she wanted to. She decided to pray this time, saying "Dear God, thank you for fries to eat. Amen." Then she said she wanted to pray for church (I had told her we're going to church tomorrow morning). So again she folded her hands and bowed her head, saying "Dear God, thank you for church. Amen." Watching Christina pray is just the highlight of my day. I'm not sure if she totally understands what it means - I've told her that when we pray we're talking to God, and she seems to get that. I pray all the time that she will grow up to have a closer relationship with God than I've ever had. I want that so much for her.

So after we were done eating we went out to the car, and as usual, Christina wanted to spend a few minutes sitting in the front seat and pretending to drive us home. Then she saw the full moon outside the window. She started reaching up to try to "touch" it, and I told her it was up so high, we'd have to fly in a rocket just to reach it. So she said she wanted to fly up in the rocket to get to the moon and then we could "throw it like a ball!" I guess from way down here it does look like a good size to throw around.

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The Momma said...

I was just talking to my friend yesterday about my feeling that gratitude - whether through prayer or quiet reflection - is probably the best path to contentment in life. You are not only giving Christina the important gift of a close relationship to her God, but also equipping her with the means to achieve happiness and contentment with whatever her life holds at any given time. That is a great legacy to pass to your daughter.