Monday, September 14, 2009

Beach Trip

Last week Christina and I went to the beach with our friends Kristina and Sigrid. Here's some pics from our fun morning.

A train went under the bridge right as we were walking across.  It was carrying wood chips, which smelled great!
 Why is it that for every cute picture like this:
there's a wierd one like this? (mmm..yummy sandwich!)
Christina and Sigrid had a lot of fun running around and just hanging out together.
Christina decided that she wanted to carry around the sippy cup that was being used to hold Kristina's pickle and pickle juice.  She took a sip at one point, then she said "Yucky!  Bleh!"
Christina takes after her Daddy in that one of her favorite things to do at the beach is pick up rocks and skip them (well, really just throw them) in the water.
She and Sigrid also had fun playing with what Christina and I called the "creepy" or "wierd" seaweed!
I was talking to my MIL last night, and she said that MRSA (the antibiotic resistant bacterial infection) has been found in samples taken from several Washington beaches.  
So maybe we won't be taking any more beach trips for a little while.  But we sure did have fun!

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