Monday, September 21, 2009

Making pasta

Christina and I went with our friends to a playgroup at the Learning Express in Mountlake Terrace last week.  We read a book called "Strega Nona" and made pasta!  Christina enjoyed putting all the ingredients into a bowl (flour, eggs, water), and she didn't mind mixing it all up with a spoon, but when it came time to knead the dough, she didn't want to get her hands dirty, so Mommy did all of that part!

The owner of the Learning Express, Mila, brought her pasta machine.  The kids took turns cranking while Mila fed the dough through the machine.  Christina really seemed to like it, so while the other kids kept playing and ignoring Mila's invitations to help, Christina just kept cranking away!

And by the way Sean, the pasta that you had for dinner last night was some of Christina's pasta that we brought home, so make sure to thank the chef!

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Ashley said...

Looks like a fun place to go!