Monday, September 14, 2009

Eating habits

Christina's favorite foods (not to say she eats ALL of these foods everyday, although I'm sure she would if she could!):
Pirate's Booty, Pop Tarts, Snapea Crisps, Pizza crust
Ice Cream
Sunchips, M&Ms, Cookies,
Goldfish crackers
Potato Chips, Cake, Brownies
Cheese crackers with peanut butter
 And of course her absolute favorite - FRENCH FRIES!
Christina's "sometimes" foods (sometimes she wants them, sometimes not):
Saltines with Peanut Butter, Tortillas, sips of whatever soup I'm having,
Almonds, Hamburger Buns, Chicken Nuggets
Teddy Grahams/Graham crackers
And Christina's "never" foods (These are the things she completely refuses to eat, and I have tried all the tricks I can think of!):
Fruits (fresh or dried, although she has been known to occasionally eat dried apple chips)
"Here Sigrid, have this applesauce - I don't want it."
Veggies (fresh or cooked - at this point all I can get her to eat is the Flat Earth brand chips, which claim to have a half serving of veggies in every ounce), 
Milk, Eggs
To balance out this obviously uneven diet, I try to get her to eat a "Bugs Bunny" vitamin once a day.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  I just hope she'll branch out as she gets older and at least TRY some healthier foods.  As it is now, sometimes I'll hand her a piece of fruit or veggie to try, and before she even puts it in her mouth, she'll say "I don't like it."  I try to convince her that she can't know if she likes it if she hasn't even tried it, but she won't have any of it.  But I'm not giving up!

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