Monday, October 19, 2009


I just read in a magazine that the average age that girls start using the potty is 35 months, and for boys it's 39 months.  So why is it that as soon as a kid turns 2, everyone starts asking if you're potty training yet?

Christina is not potty trained, and as far as I can tell, it will be a while before she is.  She couldn't care less whether her diaper is full or not.  And, honestly, I think it's easier dealing with diapers than potties.  Once she IS potty trained, I have to worry about always knowing where the nearest bathroom is when we're out and about.  Because when a kid's gotta go, they've GOTTA GO!  They have no concept of "holding it."  I'll deal with that challenge when it comes, but I'm not rushing to get there!

Hopefully by keeping the pressure off, it will be a quick and painless transition when Christina decides to start using the potty.  I know some parents who think that if I don't encourage her, she'll never learn.  But I don't recall ever hearing about a high schooler still wearing diapers because their parents never taught them to use the potty!


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Ashley said...

Haha, I totally agree with you! I'm not in a rush either. Same thing as when people think it's strange that Kirsten is still sleeping in a crib and not a "toddler bed." Who cares? She still loves it, and it's easier for us! :)

Julie said...

My baby will be four in January. We have tried off and on this past year to potty train him. Ya know what? He does not care. Not a little bit. So, I decided to back off. When I did this with my oldest son who is now 6 he potty trained in like a week all by himself. (right before he turned 4) No battles or anything. By the end of the month he was not even having night time accidents.
She's your baby do what seems best for ya'll. Ignore everyone else. :)