Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gearing up for Halloween

Here's my measley attempt at decorating for Halloween.

Some cute window clings for our front window...

...and a banner on the front door (check out Christina's cute new raincoat!):

I was planning on having Christina dress up as a witch - I actually bought the costume the day AFTER Halloween last year, since all the costumes were on sale.  But when I tried it on her, I found that it was much too big (even though the label says 2-4 years).  The skirt and bloomers kept falling down to reveal her diaper underneath.  So I've decided instead to dress her in her bumblebee costume, which we've had since last year, but she hasn't officially worn for Halloween (she wears it every now and then to play around the house).  But here's a pic of the witch costume, which I hope to be able to use next year!

I know I've mentioned before that Christina loves trying on all the Halloween hats and headbands when we're out at a store.  Here's a mask that she decided to try on.  (After I take pictures of her, she always wants to look at the back of the camera to see how it came out.  When I showed her this picture of herself, she actually got a little scared.  I did too!)

Happy (almost) Halloween!

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