Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our weekend without Daddy

Sean was away in Canada this past weekend for a friend's wedding.  He left early Friday morning (with the car!) and returned late Sunday night.  I wasn't sure how Christina and I were going to do without him (and without a car!) for the weekend, but as it turned out, we had a great time.

Friday morning, my friend Ashley came over with her daughters, Kirsten and Natalie, known to us as Baby Natalie.  Here's a picture of Christina with Baby Natalie (taken a little while ago).

We hung out and had lunch over at my place, and after they left it was naptime.  That evening, Melinda (my step-mother-in-law) picked us up on her way home from work and drove us over to her and Larry's house for our weekly dinner over there.  Christina just loves seeing her Grandma Lindy and Grandpa Larry, and their dog, Barney.  She and Barney have lots of fun playing together.

Saturday morning was spent at home.  Christina helped me clean the bathrooms.  She helps out by holding the box of baking soda and sprinkling it in the sink when I ask her to.  Then she scrubs it in with a washcloth, and I get the spots that she misses.  She also likes to hold the bottle of homemade vinegar/water cleaner and spray it where I ask her to (the counters, the toilet, the sides of the tub).  She sprays it other places too, but it's not hard to wipe up, so I don't mind.

Saturday evening my parents came over with dinner.  They also brought a couple of those thin wooden airplanes that you can put together (very old-school!).  Christina really enjoyed throwing those around in the back yard, and chasing them after Papaw (my dad) threw them across the yard.

Christina also had fun playing on her little slide.  For some reason, even toys that have long since been forgotten (like the slide) are all of a sudden a ton of fun when Mammie and Papaw come over!

While they were here, Mom stayed with Christina while Dad drove me over to get Melinda's car - she lent it to me so I could go to church Sunday morning (Thank you Melinda!).

So Christina and I went to church Sunday morning, and then we went to Taco Time for some lunch.  Christina enjoyed climbing on top of the booth.  She said she was just taking a nap!

And after we drove back home, Christina spent some time playing in Grandma Lindy's car before going inside to ACTUALLY take her nap.

All in all, we had quite a nice weekend just the two of us, but we're definitely glad to have Daddy back home now!

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Ashley said...

Kirsten always calls her "Baby Natalie" too, she has never called her anything else. :) I will still send you those pictures I took of Kirsten and Christina playing together in your backyard soon too!