Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween Season

So in just about every store we go into now, there's a big display of Halloween stuff.  Christina just loves trying on all the hats.  And as soon as she get's one on, she says "Take a picture?"

 Here she is at Value Village.  This is one of the wierdest "hats" I've ever seen!

A witch at Walgreens:

 I don't actually remember where this one was taken, but it looks like we were definitely in the toy aisle!
She must be the ice cream princess! (Note the ice cream cone on her shirt.)

 This is at the new Dollar Store over by my place.
G.I. Jane:


And here she is at Fred Meyer.  Actually, all of these "hats" are headbands!
Pipi Longstockings witch?

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