Friday, January 29, 2010

Fun at the ice rink

Christina and I went with Sean to watch him play hockey last Sunday evening.  Granted, I never get to actually WATCH all that much, since I'm usually following Christina around.  Since I have a new camera that takes video, Sean wanted me to record as much of the game as I could.  I told him ahead of time that I probably wouldn't be able to get much, but I'd do my best.  So, what I ended up with was a video that shows a combination of the hockey game and Christina playing around.

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As it turned out, the game was not a good one for Sean (his team lost 1 to 6), but Christina enjoys watching her video!

After recording all I could (until the memory card was full), Christina decided she wanted to wander around the rink and play.  She followed the lead of another little girl and taught herself how to climb up and sit on the railing.
When we went to the bathroom, she thought it would be fun to sit in the little baby seat attached to the wall.
I remember when I had to put her in the little baby seat in the bathroom at Babies R Us, when Chrisitna actually WAS a baby.  I remember that as soon as I put her in there, she started screaming, and she didn't stop until I finished going to the bathroom and picked her up again - how things have changed!

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