Sunday, December 13, 2009


Christina has had a couple of firsts over the last couple of months.  Last month we went to a playgroup with our friends Kristina and Sigrid, and Christina got to roller skate for the first time!  It was a "kids skate" time, so all of the songs at the rink were "kid-approved," like the Sesame Street theme, the chicken dance, and "YMCA" (although I think the moms enjoyed that one more than the kids!).  The wheels on the toddler-sized skates were tightened up, so really it was more like walking than skating.

Kristina and I started out in socks so we could help the girls get used to skating, but after a while, we put on our own skates and joined in the fun.  Boy, roller-skating is a really good workout!  I'm kind of hoping that Christina will really come to enjoy it as she gets older, and we can go skating together.

After hearing that Christina had such a great time roller-skating, Sean decided to let her try ice-skating.  We went to the ice rink and she got all geared up, very excited to give it a try after seeing Daddy skate so often (he plays on a hockey team, and Christina and I go to his games when we can).

She got out on the ice, and of course it was much harder than being in the roller-skates, so she kept sliding in between Sean's legs.


She lasted about 30 seconds before she decided she'd had enough.  She did, however, like being carried by Daddy while he was skating, and she kept asking to do it again, but we didn't think it was a very safe idea.

I had her practice walking around on the skates while holding my hand, on the floor just outside the rink.  Sean and I tried a couple more times to get her back out on the ice, but she had had enough for that day.  Thankfully, at that particular ice rink, kids under 5 skate for free, so all we had to pay for was the skate rental.  I know Sean is looking forward to when she's a bit older when he can really teach her how to skate.  But for right now, I think we'll stick with roller-skating!

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