Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blogging/Trip to the Zoo

OK, so where do parents get the time to keep up with a blog? I mean, I know moms with two kids who keep a regular blog, and I can't do it with one! If you're paying attention, the last time I blogged was well over a year ago. Yet I know that this is the best time to blog, because there are so many little moments with Christina when I think "I need to remember this." But having a little kid taking up all of my attention, there's just no time to get on the computer, and when I do, I use my time to check email or check out a new website I read about. There's just so much information that I want to GET, it's hard to prioritize writing down my own stories.

Anyway, recently Christina and I went on a trip to the zoo in Seattle, and I actually remembered to bring my camera with me this time, so I got some pretty cool pictures.

Here she is checking out the flamingos next to a boy:

And here she is checking out the new penguin exhibit (Actually, the day we went, May 2nd, was the first day that the penguin exhibit was open.) :

There was also a peacock wandering around in the middle of the crowd - look how close Christina got to it! I had to make sure she didn't try to touch it. I know that a peacock's defense mechanism is spreading its feathers (of course, the question is, why then was it roaming free?).

Christina desparately wanted a penguin toy, since they had a big display of them out for the exhibit opening. But with a price tag of $16 for the big toy and $5 for the small one, I had to say no. (You may think I'm cruel, but it would have lost its novelty by the time we got home anyway.) She did, however, decide to have some pictures taken with them:

We also got to see some gorillas...

...and birds and snakes and bats and an armadillo. Even though it was raining pretty heavily by the time we left, all in all it was a very fun outing. I'm so glad I decided to get a membership for the year. In this one trip I don't think we even made it through a quarter of the zoo (With a young child, you've got to get home for naptime, so you can't be there all day!). So there will be many more trips to come!

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